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Texas Smoke BBQ - Ready To Rock Your Summer

Your YouChoose Music Chief Organizer guy, Dave Philp, recently attended the Rock, Ribs & Ridges Music Festival in Sussex, NJ.  Besides checking out some great bands like Grand Funk and Leslie West, your COG and his fab family also got to suck down some always awesome ribs from Texas Smoke BBQ.  

A Great Pic For You To Analyze

Don't Forget CUMAC: Songs About Hunger

Before the high of CUMAC Beatles Night completely fades away, don't forget that CUMAC (pronounced Koo-Mack) will remain all year long.  In honor of CUMAC, here's a Spotify playlist filled with songs that can apply to their cause.  What's missing?


CUMAC Beatles Night: The Results

Rather than write a whole big thang, I thought it'd be nice to share with you what I wrote to your YouChoose Band.  Maybe you'll learn something from our experiences over the past 3 years putting on charity shows.  Lots of ups and downs, but CUMAC Beatles Night was our most significant "up" (since our very first show).  Let us know your thoughts.

CUMAC Beatles Night: The Results

CUMAC Beatles Night - Are You Ready?

CUMAC Beatles Night is shaping up to be YouChoose Music's best concert ever.  We've never pre-sold as many tickets as we have before an event (we hope the walk-up is as good as usual).

How Did Michael Jackson Buy The Beatles Publishing Catalog?

In an article with back in February, publishing lawyer John Branca explained how his client, Michael Jackson, came to purchase the Beatles publishing catalog.  It's actually not as nasty as past stories have suggested (mainly that Michael went behind Paul McCartney's back).  At least, that's the way Branca explains it.  The details are below:

Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With CUMAC's Lynne Bruger

CUMAC (pronounced Koo-Mack) is New Jersey's most pivotal food bank.  Watch as their director of development, Lynne Bruger, discusses hunger in American and New Jersey and the tools CUMAC uses to raise money and fight the good fight, including tools like CUMAC Beatles Night.

Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With CUMAC's Lynne Bruger

Want A Gretsch Guitar?

All you have to do is come to CUMAC Beatles Night on March 15th.  We'll be auctioning off a Gretsch Electromatic Jet Jr. guitar, similar to the one in the picture.  We'll start the bidding off at $50 - enough for CUMAC to feed a family of four for a week.

Here's Why CUMAC Beatles Night Is So Important

Read all about it!

Vote Best BBQ In NJ: Texas Smoke BBQ

Texas Smoke BBQ of Jerfferson, NJ is a great supporter of CUMAC Beatles Night and other YouChoose Music events.  They're up for Best BBQ in NJ through a poll in NJ Monthly Magazine.  Could you please vote for them and help support those who are supporting our causes?  Click HERE to vote.  Wanna see a short video about these guys?  Great.  Glad ya do.  Just look below.  Thank you!