Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With Sandler Sales Training's Chip Reichhard

Hey - wanna see a great interview with a great dude who knows everything there is about fear?  No, this isn't Will Smith or somebody from Seal Team 6.  This is a different kind of fear - the fear sales people get when they need to ask for the sale or ask to get paid or pick up the phone and potentially feel rejection.  The dude who knows how to deal with this, and overpower it, is Chip Reichhard of Sandler Sales Training.  This is just the guy you need.

In this episode of Hanging Out With David + Dave, Chip describes some tips we can use when it comes to our own personal business fears.  Assuming we even realize that some sort of fear is holding us back, Chip's tips are worth the price of admission to this great Hangout.

After many years as a top producer in sales and sales management within the high tech industry, Chip started his own business in 2002 to help companies dramatically improve their sales results.  He teaches a proven methodology and the underlying skills to increase the effectiveness of both the sales and sales management teams in organizations ranging from small local companies to multi-billion dollar organizations.

Sandler is the only sales training company that uses on-going reinforcement in order to produce lasting measurable results. 

Specialties: Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Executive Coaching, Motivational Speaker.


Find Chip on LinkedIn by clicking on his name: Chip Reichhard.

Hanging Out With David + Dave is produced ('wow, that sounds cool,' you're thinking) and hosted ('not as cool,' you're thinking) by David Deutsch of SynergiSocial and Dave Philp of YouChoose.

David knows the social media sphere and, in this interview, proves it with words.  You can see David's website here: http://synergisocial.com/

Dave Philp, Chief Organizer Guy of YouChoose Music, a swell company that produces live benefit concerts for worthy non-profit causes, is your co-host with the mo-host (nobody knows what that means). With all of your power and might, visit his website here: http://www.youchoosemusic.fm/

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Awesome Hangin' w/ Dave and Dave last night! Learned a ton not only from Chip but also you (David Philp) and Dave. I'll be relistening to that a few times over the next days.

Appreciate the comment.  We'll keep being awesome only if you do the same.