Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With John Butler, VP Promotion at Curb Records

You're signed to a record label and your album is about to be released.  Then what?  Betcha 50 dollars (American) that at least 75% of recordings artists just say, "Airplay and iTunes," or something like that.  But how does your song get on the radio?  How can you trust that the folks at the record label, most of whom you've never met, will take good and proper care of your babies?  That's where John Butler, VP of Promotion at Curb Records, comes in.  Watch him live, Hanging Out With David + Dave, to find out everything.

Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With John Butler, VP Promotion at Curb Records

John Butler has not been alive forever, nor did he write the very first song.  He does have more than 20 years of experience in the record biz.  He's seen the good days, when we all replaced our LPs with CDs and gave the industry billions of bucks, and he's seen the bad days, when Napster and its technology of downloading took over.  He's been in radio for years and has seen local markets lose clout to national corporations.  He's seen, and heard, just about everything.  

In other words, this is worth your time.

Hanging Out With David + Dave is produced ('wow, that sounds cool,' you're thinking) and hosted ('not as cool,' you're thinking) by David Deutsch of SynergiSocial and Dave Philp of YouChoose.

David knows the social media sphere and, in this interview, proves it with words.  You can see David's website here: http://synergisocial.com/

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